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Bon Weekend, a Charming Guest House in Burgundy, France, Plus Couture Cocktails


The weekend is here!  This has been a long, busy week and I'm ready to soak in the last days of summer with a weekend of fun, festivals, and repose.

This beautiful guest home, La Borde Maison d'Hotes, in Burgundy, France is certainly most beautiful this time of year.  Wishing I could pack my bags and jet-set off for a week!

Miss Margarita

Vintage inspired cocktails

1 1/2 tequila
1/2 lime juice
1/2 peach shrub
salt rim or dash with jacobsen salt

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.  Add tequila, lime juice, and peach shrub liqueur.  Cover and shake until mixed and chilled, approx 20 seconds {it's typically ready when the shaker mists up}.  Rim glass with salt and strain margarita into the glass.  Cheers!

I hope it's beautiful where you are!



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7 Boots on My Radar


Although I love fall fashion in general, one of the best things about it is boots!  I love them ~ over the knee, below the knee, booties, rain, and snow.  These are my top choices so far this season and it was difficult to narrow the list down to say the least!  I only included fashion boots, there were too many choices to include and if I had to pick snow or rain boots, the list would be a mile long.

#1: Hands down my favourite boot for fall.  I purchased these in suede and plan to wear them with everything {I love the grey too and may be purchasing them also, plus they're on sale}; #2These boots are a classic and I will be reached for season after season, they on my autumn wish list!; #3A classic that is worth the investment.  I frequently wear them and they're offered each season so there are no worries that when I need a new pair they will be available; #4 I love everything about this boot ~ the style and colour.  The ankle strap is a beautiful detail; #5 Grey is hot this season and you can't go wrong with an over-the-knee boot.  The tie at the top is another cute details.  I've always said 'beauty is in the details'; #6 I love the colour of these.. they're versatile and will go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe; #7 Louboutin spikes are always a favourite!  Another classic that I will reach for again and again.

Do you have a favourite?



DIY: Champagne Bubble Chandelier


I was sad when I recently learned Faire Frou Frou lingerie boutique in Studio City, California is closing.  Although I have only ordered online, I was enamored with the champagne bubble chandelier the mother and daughter team created to hang in their store.  On their blog, they generously shared their step-by-step guide for this chandelier so we can make it also at only a fraction of the cost {estimated cost: a few hundred dollars} of what you would pay in store.  Besides all of you crafty types, like me, will enjoy making yourself.  The chandelier measures 2'x4'; however, the size is customizable.


2'x4' white wire grid panel (though you can do any shape or size)
CB2 Bubble Balls (50 small & 40 large)
Silver Christmas ball ornaments (80 small, 80 medium)
Fishing line (we bought high knot strength /30 lb.)
One spool of sterling silver wire (20-22 gauge). You can also do 22 gauge floral wire.
4 ceiling mounting hooks
white chain (about 10 feet, cut evenly into 4 pieces)
4 S-hooks
2 lamp cord kits (white)
2 half mirror light bulbs


a 2" nail
one pair of wire cutters (or use scissors if you must)

See the little silver toggles on the table? Fishing line was tied into a knot around the toggle and it was slipped into the opening on top of the CB2 ball...the other end of the fishing line was tied to the wire grid.

The wire grid was then suspended from the ceiling and the fishing line began to be tied to it from there, making sure to place the wire grid under an existing ceiling electrical fixture so it could easily be installed. Be certain to have enough chain length to raise and lower the grid as needed.

Step 1: Insert your 4 chandelier hooks into the ceiling and attach about 2-3 feet of your white chain to each (make sure it is secured in the ceiling so as to carry the weight of the chandelier!). You need that extra amount of chain so that you can bring down the wire grid low enough to work on and install the lighting fixtures (and then raise up to the ceiling when you are done). Suspend the wire grid from the ceiling using your chains and s-hooks.
Step 2: At your work table, cut the silver wire into 2" pieces (your quantity depends on the number of glass balls you are using). Loop each 2" piece once around a nail to create the toggle. You can use pliers to adjust the size of the loop, particularly to make it small enough to fit inside the top of the glass bubble.

Step 3: Cut a piece of fishing line a few feet long. Knot one end to the silver toggle you just made. Slip the toggle inside the top of the glass CB2 ball. Then attach the other end of the fishing line to the wire grid. Hang each glass ball at varying lengths. We started from the center of the grid and worked our way out.

Step 4: In the very center of the grid we added our 2 light sockets. We wired both sockets close to the top of the grid and plugged in both cords to the ceiling fixture (or you can easily have an electrician wire the cords to a single ceiling outlet). Plug in your Half Mirror Light Bulbs.

Step 5: We added silver ball ornaments to the chandelier. We hung these balls extremely close together near the top of the grid so as to completely conceal it (the grid shouldn't show when you're done). For some of the balls we created toggles using our silver wire, and for some we simply used Christmas ornament hooks! Make sure that for each ball you hang directly on the grid that you twist the wire together so the hooks will not fall off if the chandelier is ever shaken (we live in California, so it's a factor we need to consider!).

Step 6 (optional): We ended up creating a cover around the top of the chandelier so as to conceal the chains holding it up as well as the sides of the wire grid. We simply created a light-weight crate that could be hooked to the chains holding up the rest of the chandelier. It was painted a pale pink to match the color of the walls in our store. Another option is to create a framework around the chandelier and cover it in a semi-sheer fabric so as to let the light shine through, much like a lamp shade. If you hook the chandelier close enough to the ceiling, you don't need any cover...we simply have high ceilings in our store and wanted something to finish the look of the piece.

he small silver ornaments were tied at varying lengths, and the 
entire top of the chandelier, next to the grid, should be covered with the silver ornaments so as to fully conceal it {see photo below}.

Voila!  The chandelier is complete.  How beautiful is that?  I love the pink box around the chandelier but any colour would be beautiful.  I would love to see it in white, gray, and especially black or charcoal for drama.  I would also install a dimmer switch to softly illuminate the chandelier.



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Wanderlust: Château Gütsch, Lucerne



Decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard recently revamped new life into the historic Château Gütsch, a grand hotel in the Swiss city of Lucerne.  With panoramic views of the city and
Lake Vierwaldstätter, the 27 room hotel was built as a private residence in 1888 by architect Emil Vogt.  Vogt was inspired by the Bavarian castle Neuschwanstein as he sought to create a fairytale Belle-Epoque palace. 


 Bullard designed the interiors with the integrity of the architecture in mind while adding modern amenities.  He incorporated ancestral portraits from the original owners’ collection, Louis XV–style furniture, and Swiss and Gustavian antiques.


The grand public spaces have been brought back to their original scale with very careful attention paid to the historic decorative details including the plaster work, wood carving, parquet flooring and paneling. 


How amazing is this view?  I could sit on this patio all day.


The decor is lovely but look at the view outside the window!  As a designer, it would be a dream to design such a masterpiece.  Mr. Bullard, you are one lucky man.


This hotel is definitely on my bucket list.  I can't imagine a more beautiful place to visit.



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Design Inspiration: Kitchens With a Touch of Gold


Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend.  It was full of celebrations here and I am exhausted!  We started with a family dinner, evening of celebrating our son's 17th birthday, followed by a party/sleepover of 15 kids, and wrapped it up with a 1904 World's Fair Festival on yesterday afternoon.  The weather couldn't have been more beautiful!  It was perfect.

Lately, I'm smitten with gold in the kitchen.  I want to incorporate it into my own and I have been seeking inspiration on the web... mostly my go-to site, Pinterest.

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Love these gold hammered pendant lights.. I'm smitten with the gold and marble combination

White, of course, is elemental in a kitchen; it will never go out of style. (MICHELLE MOLLINGA/MICHELLE MOLLINGA)
While this isn't my style, I love the natural element of wood paired with modern touches.

Too glam for our space (maybe), but nice use of shiny surfaces to bounce light about a dark space.  There's a lot a like about this!  from Attractive Kitchen Tile Backsplash | Decozilla
The glossy cabinets, brown marble countertops, and gold tiled backsplash are astonishing and elegant.

Gold glam kitchen with carrara marble back splash, counter tops, and tiled floor! MCM light fixture to die for. Love how big this small kitchen feels. Gold kitchen by Jean Louis Deniot
This glam kitchen is by my design crush, Jean-Louis Deniot.  Once again, {hammered} gold paired with marble.  Design perfection.

classic galley kitchen. See more images from secrets to redecorating a grown-up nashville home on
This is another favourite kitchen.  Just a touch of gold goes a long way, wouldn't you agree?

The centerpiece of Jamie Drake's Manhattan kitchen is a custom-made island comprising cabinetry finished in gold leaf by the Alpha Workshops and an overlapping table in Corian with gold inlay by Orion R|E|D Inc.
I love Jamie Drake's Manhattan kitchen

kitchen stools, kitchen island, gold cabinets

Boho chic house tour by {this is glamorous}, via Flickr! #laylagrayce #hometour #kitchen
The chandelier and pulls add an elegant touch.

Wishing you a beautiful week!



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