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Beautiful Inspiration ~ Pretty Shoes


It's no secret that I'm dreaming of spring.  Spending warm, sunny days antique shopping and sipping champagne during lunch with my husband or a girlfriend at my favourite brasserie in town.  How perfect will these be?

DVF Opal
YSL Deauville Wedge

Gucci Sofia Wedge

Louboutin You Love Espadrille

       Valentino Bow Espadrille ~ I purchased these... hoping they will fit as they only come in whole sizes.           

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
xoxo, B


  1. BRENDA MA CHÈRE AMIE! Bonjour, et je suis ravie de voir ses jolis souliers!!! Oh dear, I felt so French, seeing all of these luscious shoes, I started babbling en français! Do you speak French?

    Oh dearest, I usually barrel through winter with not too many complaints, but THIS WINTER has been a kicker! Maybe I felt is because all of this week,I have been on bus duty, having to endure 25 BELOW zero temps while directing traffic! I took the day off today because I feel a bit worn out. Coming here to see your dream is a fresh reminder of the beautiful springs and summers here in Minneapolis, and I am anticipating a lovely summer off from school. Now, you enjoy yourself, I know you have studies, but get yourself all snuggled up with some BUBBLY and ENJOY!

    I did get your dear comment; sometimes blogger acts up and I can't even get into some blogs!


  2. Mon Ami.. these are lovely .... I'll take one of each please!! Your beautiful Valentino's will perfect ("positive thinking" is my new moto ....) Happy Friday..xo HHL

  3. Beautiful selections! I have never owned a pair of wedges, but I think I'd like to indulge this summer!


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