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Bon Weekend ~


Nina Ricci

After a busy week and wrapping up one of my classes (love the 8 week courses!)..spring break is here and it's time to celebrate!  Wishing you a most enchanting March weekend, and a few lovely links...

summer dress here
Music here
bath oil here
the perfect short here
pretty shoes here

xoxo, B


  1. Love the shorts and top! Especially the colours. Fiona

  2. is the WEEKEND and we are happy, n'est-ce pas? THANK YOU DEAREST for coming over and seeing me again! I TOO need to have my spring break, but I am considering this weekend a vacation for my self. Actually, my husband is away for an entire week with colleagues down in the southern states, so being alone for a whole week is actually a good thing for me. I need time to unwind in silence....teeeeheeee, it must be being an only child, loving being by myself at times!!! I NEED TO HEAR MY CREATIVE MIND THINK!!!

    Whatever you do this weekend dear heart, ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST. I am dreaming of spring because we just got MORE SNOW LAST NIGHT!!!!!! What a winter....

    BON SAMEDI! Anita

  3. Gorgeous runway selections!
    Happy weekend!


  4. oh ma belle, YOU TOO GOT SNOW??? O.K., we got it on Sunday. Today, it is about 50 degrees. This week we should get a meltdown, but WHO KNOWS AROUND HERE IN MN!!!! I send you my affections and I am so grateful for all you my dear friends and family, both near and in blogland. BLessings to you for a LIFE WELL LIVED DAILY!!! BISES, Anita


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